Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris Priestly: Community Coordinator

In his own words:

BioWare's Community Coordinator "Evil Chris Priestly works at the BioWare main office in Edmonton Alberta. Besides laying down the law on the BioWare forums, he also gets to play the best games in the world before the rest of you. =P

We are open to valid criticism, but there are far too many lies and outright falsehoods here such as the ridiculous accusation that we buy reviews. That is enough BioWare/EA abuse.

Thanks for your erronious opinion.


Gloating is acceptable professional behaviour for someone in a customer service position (What makes it worse is the 'best games in the world' are anything but these days).

I'm sorry Chris, can you define 'valid criticism' for me? Would that be criticism YOU think is valid? You do know what criticism is right? Here is an example if you don't: this article.

Again, Chris, do you understand what an opinion is? Explain to me how you can have an erroneous opinion. Then while you are at it, explain how erroneous is spelled.


A moderator obsessed with his own self-importance? On the INTERNET?!?!

Jokes aside, Chris acts quite unprofessionally, for someone in a customer service position. He is a fine example of how horrible Bioware and EA are at customer service.

*Sorry, almost forgot, saying that a company that pays for reviews is grounds for thread closure? You don't like having your authority questioned? You pay for ads don't you? On gaming websites? That review your games?

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