Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bioware Sex Controversy

Back in 2008 a game called Mass Effect sparked controversy when over zealous bloggers accused the game of being a 'rape simulator' with 'fully explicit digital nudity' deliberately targeted at 'children'. Gamers and the gaming industry tried to stand up for the games artistic merits but were largely ignored (Fox News "se'xbox" 'debate').

Now it seems that Bioware and EA have caved in to the pressure or perhaps deliberately moved to prevent further controversy by dumbing things down. Bioware's new game, Dragon Age: Origins, is a role playing game set in an epic, dark fantasy world, a world that comes alive thanks to its well thought out world building, and compelling characters. After reading the two Dragon Age novels, Stolen Throne and Calling, my expectations for the game were very high. Then I saw this video. Y'know what? NOTHING throws off my suspension of disbelief like seeing characters have sex in their underwear... actually, maybe seeing two girls in a fantasy setting wearing IDENTICAL LINGERIE does.

When characters had intimate relations in Stolen Throne and Calling it made me wonder what kind of effect it would have on their relationships, and their situation. It made me think what it might mean for the story. When I play Dragon Age: Origins I will be thinking how stupid it looks, and how stupid it is that these companies have sold away their artistry for the media's hollow threats.

I find it offensive that in this day and age I am subjected to this ridiculous censorship.

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