Sunday, November 1, 2009

EVE: The Empyrean Age

I was in my ship when it happened. Reading the news feeds, I set my autopilot for the Malkalen System. I saw the damage wrought by the Gallente Nyx class mothership after it rammed the Caldari Ishukone Corporation station. Plumes of flame projected out into space from its rent decks. Hundreds of fellow pilots were also in the system, bearing witness to the devastation caused by just one capsuleer.

This event, a turning point in the history of EVE online, was but a minor part of the massive upheaval that swept the galaxy of New Eden. Seemingly unrelated events rocked the known universe, as old rivalries reignited, and old wounds reopened.

EVE: The Empyrean Age, chronicles the chain of events that shook the galaxy to its foundations, and created a new environment of capsuleer led warfare between New Eden's major power blocs.

The sweeping narrative is guided by the tales of individuals, who for varying reasons find themselves caught in the storm of events, and the decisions they must make when faced by the shadowy forces driving the galaxy to war, and finally questioning everything that is known about mankinds place in New Eden.

Empyrean Age is a fantastic novel, throwing you deep into the lore of an incredible universe, continuing the EVE Online tradition of fantastic worldbuilding see here for EVE's online fiction. A great read, whether for an EVE Online pro-capsuleer, or anyone who needs a new galaxy to explore.

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