Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solar Falcons

This is a Space Marine chapter I created on the spur of the moment for a messageboard.

A successor chapter of the Raven Guard, the Solar Falcons.

Their battle barge was swept away by a warp storm during the turmoil of the Age of Apostasy, and they emerged from the warp in the early 40th millenium. They have a strong distrust of the Ecclesiarchy, and are themselves distrusted by the Inquisition for the amount of time they have apparently spent within the warp. The truth is the warp storm displaced them through time, and to them only seconds passed before reversion.

They do not have mucranoid or betchers glands, sharing this deficiency with their predeccessors. Like the Raven Guard, a mutation in their melanchromic organ causes their skin to become paler with age, but their eyes and hair do not turn black as the Raven Guard's do.

The chapter favors ship to ship boarding actions, and excel in close quarters fighting, as well as the use of Thunderhawks and Caestus Assault Rams to breach enemy vessels and installations.

The symbol of the chapter is a black falcon on a golden starbust. Their armour is black and white quartered. They favor chainfists and melta weapons.

The chapter is fleet based, the battle barge Tertius Asturaetus is their fortress-monastery.

Battle Cry: The Solar Falcons honor their lost brothers by calling out the names of the fallen as they charge into battle.

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